The Parental Involvement Programme

Aim of the programme

– To build up the confidence of parents

– To enable parents to support their children at home

– To encourage parents to take a more active part in school life.

– To build links in the community

– Promote the school’s image

– To bolster pupil well-being

– To improve academic success

The Parental Involvement Programme is back for 2021 -2022 with the return of a number of our workshops. During the year, there will be opportunities for parents to attend workshops, seminars and parent-teacher surgeries addressing key aspects of the school life. The aim of the programme is to provide parents with greater support so that they are more able to support their child’s education. The program will focus on both academic and pastoral issues, highlighting to parents the experiences that their children encounter daily.

Mae’r Rhaglen Cyfraniad Rhieni yn dechrau eto am 2021-2022 gyda nifer o’n gweithdai yn dychwelyd. Yn ystod y flwyddyn bydd cyfleoedd i rieni mynychu gweithdai, seminarau a chyfarfodydd rhwng rhieni ac athrawon yn trafod am agweddau allweddol o fydd ysgol. Bwriad y rhaglen yw darparu rhieni gyda mwy o gefnogaeth i alluogi rhieni i gefnogi addysg ei blant. Bydd y rhaglen yn ffocysu ar agweddau academaidd a bugeiliol, yn amlinellu profiadau mae ei blant yn cyfarfod pob dydd.

Timetable of planned events 2021 - 2022

Currently all events are arranged to start at 18:00. You will be informed of any changes to the scheduled.

Session Date Time Title Description Google Meets Code
6:00:00 PM
How we deal with bullying and pastoral structures at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman
This workshop will allow staff to explain procedures, policies and our strategies at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman and will give parents the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions about the pastoral care structures at YDA.
6:00:00 PM
How we use a blended teaching approach at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman focussing on Google Classrooms and other online resources
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to attend our workshop focussing on methods to support your child's learning via online platforms such as Google Classrooms and the school website. This was a very successful workshop last year and with the complications of the Covid 19 pandemic we feel that many parents would benefit from the workshop and experience of Google Classrooms.
6:00:00 PM
Supporting your child with literacy, numeracy and G Suite in KS3
Literacy skills, numeracy skills and digital competency are critical to educational success, future pathways and the world of work. The Welsh Government have frequently highlighted the need for a literate and numerate society and have invested heavily in the development of technology. With the added issue of the Pandemic we feel that this workshop would be beneficial for all.
6:00:00 PM
How we use data to ensure academic success
Throughout the year staff will set predictions and targets for all pupils in all subjects. For most year groups 4 tracks of data are collected. These predictions and targets are shared with staff, parents and pupils with the aim to have a transparent indication of pupil progress. This workshop will give parents the opportunity to speak to senior teachers and the year 11, 12 and 13 teams to discuss academic success and expectations.
6:00:00 PM
Additional Learning Need (ALN) at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman
Our very successful and inclusive, ALN department is an integral part of our school life and provides essential support to many pupils at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman. This session will allow parents/guardians to speak to our resident experts and will focus on providing information about our ALN department, it’s ethos, and the methods it uses to make all of our pupils feel safe and included. The session will allow parents opportunities to ask questions and discuss the strategies and techniques used.
6:00:00 PM
Supporting our more able and talented pupils at Ysgol Dyyffryn Aman
All pupils require the opportunity to thrive and we are very proud of our pupils and their endeavours. This session will allow our staff to discuss and explain how we define more able and talented and how we provide opportunities to challenge and stretch our MAT pupils
6:00:00 PM
Social Media and the inappropriate use of Mobile phones
Lockdown and the pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone and with so much time away from school, pupils will have increased opportunity to use technology such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops to access the world. Technology used correctly has a vital place in society, allowing everyone access to information any time of the day and from anywhere. This session aims to address the possible negative aspects of mobile phones and other technologies and will give you some idea of what pupils could be doing and the legal ramifications.
6:00:00 PM
The new curriculum. What does it mean for your child?
With the onset of the new curriculum pending including some of the most drastic changes to the current curriculum ,this workshop allows parents to find out how this will affect their child and their education.

HMS / INSET Information

Workshop Recordings & Presentations

Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competency Parental Workshop


 How we use data to ensure academic success at YDA




Inappropriate use of social media (Sexting) 


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