Canolfan Amanwy

Canolfan Amanwy has a capacity for 24 students, with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and severe learning difficulties (SLD). Some students will also have and additional secondary diagnosis. Canolfan Amanwy officially opened in January 2013 and currently has two classes with 12 students. At Canolfan Amanwy we aim to:

• Look at the students/young people as individuals, recognising their strengths and needs and to develop the “whole person”.

• Establish positive and secure working relationships with the student/young person.

• Provide a safe, caring, learning environment and create positive approaches to learning which will enable the students/young people to achieve their full potential.

• Develop an effective and relevant communication system for the individual student/young person.

• Establish a positive self image through the celebration of personal achievement and interaction with others.

• Develop the individual’s ability to manage their behaviour through a positive, consistent and structured approach.

• Give every student/young person the opportunity to be part of their community and develop appropriate skills for the future.

• Give each student/young person appropriate opportunity for inclusions.

• Work closely with parents to provide support, information and guidance.

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